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Man in trouble for harvesting trees at Ngong forest – VIDEO

Court has ruled that a Kibera resident found harvesting trees inside Ngong state forest without a permit to pay a fine of Sh50,000.

Else, Evans Mbune will serve two months imprisonment.

He was handed the penalties by senior principal magistrate Derick Kuto of Kibera law courts.

Mbune pleaded guilty to charges of cutting down trees and removing forest produce contrary to the forest conservation and management Act of 2016.

He admitted that he was found inside the forest having cut and transported one wood and a saw used to cut the tree without a license from the Kenya Forestry Service (KFS) ON February 4.

The pieces of wood he had harvested were presented to the court as an exhibit and forfeited to the state.

Mbune had pleaded for leniency claiming he was taking the wood home for domestic use.

He said he had nothing to do to feed his family and pledged to look for a legitimate hustle.