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Man in tears after tribe cost him police job

Police recruiters at Kanduyi took back an admission letter they had issued to a man, citing his tribe.

Mr Mathews Rufassi had passed all stages of the recruitment and was issued with a letter to join Police Training College in Kiganjo.

A senior officer later asked him to return the letter.

The officer said they had discovered the recruit was a Teso yet they were required to recruit only Luhyas (10)  and Kikuyus (two) from the sub-county.

The man said he was born and raised in Bungoma.

“The officers called me back and informed me to hand over the letter because the recruiting team had discovered I was a Teso,” said Rufassi.


The teary recruit said he knew of no other home other than Bungoma though his father was a Teso and mother a Luhya.

“I don’t know any other home apart from Kanduyi. I have been brought up in this region,” said Rufassi.

Bungoma County Police Commandant Charles Munyoli confirmed that the letter had been withdrawn a few minutes after it was issued.

Mr Munyoli explained that the move was informed by a directive from the National Police Service Commission on the recruitment process in the area.

“It is not our intention to deny him a chance but the directive from the commission is clear as 10 slots go to the Luhyas and two go to the Kikuyus,” he said.

Mr. Munyoli explained that the directive was arrived bearing in my mind the 1999 census.