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How ‘Man of God’ in Nairobi conned woman out of Sh400K

A Kenyan based in South Africa on Monday told the court how she was conned out of Sh400,000 by a man she met on Facebook.

Ms Mary Wangari Mwangi said Mr Nathan Ochieng introduced himself as one of Kenya’s youngest billionaires.

“He gave me a newspaper cutting that highlighted success stories of billionaires. When I checked the internet, I realised he inserted his picture in an article that was not about him,” Ms Mwangi told the Kibera court.


She said she was willing to withdraw the case if Mr Ochieng refunded the money.

However, the accused rejected the gesture.

“I realised he was a con when I went to my bank in South Africa to make arrangements to send Sh2 million he had requested. My bank contacted his in Kenya and was informed that the account he gave was dormant,” Ms Mwangi said.


She said she met Mr Ochieng on Facebook in early 2015 and they chatted till June when he suggested that she joins him in a business venture.

“He told me he was in petroleum business which was very profitable. He talked me into it,” Ms Mwangi said.

She added that her investigations revealed that a company by name Apex Petroleum used to exist but had gone under and its properties attached by a bank for defaulting on a loan.

Ms Mwangi said when she discovered that Mr Ochieng had not invested the cash as he had made her believe, he blocked her calls.

“I came to Kenya to report the matter to the police,” she said.


She said Mr Ochieng then told her that he was a man of God and the Sh400,000 was an offering that could not be refunded.

Last year, Mr Ochieng denied receiving the money from Ms Wangari.  He was arrested at the Winners Chapel in Nairobi.

The hearing will resume on September 7.