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Man up guys, free vasectomy party set for Nairobi

Have you had enough children and want to share the burden of family planning with your wife?

Worry not, dozens of world’s best doctors will be converging at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi to offer free services during the World Vasectomy Day on November 18.

According to the organisers of the global event, Kenyan men are ready to undergo vasectomy and those who have shown interest say they want to offload their wives of the family planning burden.

A billboard of the event erected in the city centre. PHOTO | COURTESY
A billboard of the event erected in the city centre. PHOTO | COURTESY

Dedra Smith, a producer at the World Vasectomy Day Organisation, told Nairobi News that the response after the erection of a billboard in the city has been impressive.

“It has been amazing and Kenyans who are contacting us say they would like to do it. They say they have had enough kids that they can provide for and want to be part of the family planning by being responsible men,” Ms Smith said.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure in which the tubes that carry sperms are blocked permanently.

The procedure, which shall be done for free to commemorate the World Vasectomy Day, usually costs Sh35, 000 at health facility like Winam Safe Parenthood Initiative (WISPI).


Ms Smith added that the annual event has in the past taken place in other countries across the world and this time the organization chose Kenya.

“We chose Kenya this year because of the conversation that was going on in the country that the responsibility ought to be shared. In the previous years we have done Australia, US (Florida) and Indonesia but even on November 18 similar events will be held across the world by other organisations,” Ms Smith told Nairobi News.

Asked about the myth about African men fearing for their manhood after the procedure, Ms Smith said there had been concerns but posed the question, “What is manly about one having too many kids that they cannot provide for?”