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Man denies making cat-meat samosas, released on bail

A man arrested in Eastleigh in possession of a cat carcass was on Friday arraigned in Nairobi City County magistrate court.

Richard Muriithi Karuai was on Thursday arrested by police officers in Kijiji, along Major Muriithi Road, and was suspected to use the meat to make samosas.

Appearing before chief magistrate Roselyn Oganyo on Friday, Mr Muriithi denied the charges.

He said that he collects garbage along the road and was arrested while clearing the carcass which was beginning to rot.


“I collected the dead cat from the road to save the residents from the stench. I was not going to sell the meat, I just skinned it and did not have a customer with me when I was arrested,” said Mr Muriithi.

Asked by the court of his intention, Mr Muriithi said that he was not planning to make samosas from the cat meat but just wanted its fur which he would later sale.

The magistrate Ms Oganyo released him on a cash bail of Sh2,000.

The case will be mentioned on October 3 and hearing on the October 22nd 2017.


Ms Oganyo also directed that he taken for a mental checkup before the hearing date.

City Hall prosecutor Johnstone Muyuka had in his charge sheet accused the man of possession food for sale namely cat carcass while the said food were unwholesome.

“We had charged Mr Muriithi with handling of food that is ungazetted,”said Mr Muyuka.

Mr Muyuka said that he did not understand what the cat’s fur would fetch in the market, if at all it is even sold.

He said that the court also doubted his sanity.