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Man arrested with a toy pistol, machete

A man arrested with a toy pistol and a panga by police in Kibera is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of preparation to commit a felony.

Ramadhan Ibrahim admitted that he was on May 27 found armed with dangerous weapons namely a toy pistol and a panga in circumstances that indicated that he was so armed with intent to commit a robbery.

And he pleaded guilty to the charges before senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki of Kibera law courts.

He was arrested after police officers on patrol were alerted that there was an armed gang robbing members of the public within the Katwekera area in broad daylight.

The officers confronted the gangsters and arrested Ibrahim and recovered a panga he was holding. His accomplices escaped. Upon search, Ibrahim was found with a toy pistol in his pocket.

He was charged on Friday and admitted the charges.

Ibrahim was returned to court again and admitted the facts of the case where the toy pistol and the panga were availed to the court as exhibits.

Prosecution counsel Allan Mogere said Ibrahim has a previous conviction for a theft case but did not have proper details of the case. Ibrahim admitted the same.

Mwaniki ordered a social inquiry report of Ibrahim which will capture the details of the theft case before sentencing him. The report will be tabled on June 16 when Ibrahim will be sentenced.