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Residents protest after police squeeze man’s jewels in bar brawl

Police at Duka Moja police station in Narok are on the spot after a man accused them of beating him up and squeezing his private parts following a brawl over a broken glass at a local pub.

Mr Saitabau Kuraru, who is recuperating at Nairagie Enkare health center in Narok East sub-county, claims the police officers inflicted the injuries before leaving him for dead.

Mr Kuraru narrated how he was reveling at a local bar in the trading center on Sunday when he accidentally broke a beer glass, sparking an altercation with the bartender.

He claimed the two police officers who were also drinking in the pub, a constable and a corporal, intervened and hit him on the forehead using a gun.


“It was not my intention to do that (break the beer glass), but one of the officers grabbed me by the hands, handcuffed me and led me to the outside of the bar where they beat me and squeezed my private parts,” said Mr Kuraru.

A relative, Mr John Kisongo, condemned the act.

“My uncle is casual laborer in this trading center. He was accosted on Sunday evening by the officers who beat him before dumping him at the facility,” said Mr Kisogo.

Angry villagers later stormed the local police station to demand for the transfer of the two officers.

The angry residents barricaded the Narok-Mai Mahiu road by lighting bonfires.

Led by Moses Keri and Reverend Paul Seno, they demanded immediate arrest of the officers.

Narok police boss Phillip Kipkurui said the incident had been reported and they were investigating the matter with a view to prosecuting the officers involved.