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Mamba Village: The perfect family retreat

The Mamba Village is widely known as the best place to see some of Kenya’s largest crocodiles, but deep within it is an awesome little secret that very few know.

Located on Karen Road, just a few metres from Galleria Shopping Mall and 13 kilometres from the CBD, the tourist site is a perfect getaway especially for children who are bound to enjoy the boat rides, viewing the crocodiles, feeding the ostriches and other various activities for a fee of Sh300.

Also within is the little known Mokoyeti Resort.

Tented camp

It is an amazing resort with tented camps. If you want ideal camp-like accommodation within the city, here is the place to be.

There are tented rooms, a restaurant and a swimming pool complete with a bar.

Another interesting activity is the camel and horse ride. At a fee, one is allowed to enjoy a guided tour around the man-made lake where the boat rides occur.

You can also feed the few giraffes within the village.

When you get hungry, you can enjoy lunch under an umbrella set on manicured gardens or within the main restaurant building.