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Mama Lucy Hospital on the spot, again, as mother delivers on cold corridors – VIDEO

A viral video of a woman giving birth on the corridors of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital has shocked many Kenyans online.

The video, which was shared on the closed Facebook group Buyer Beware, captures the woman lying on the floor with the baby, whose placenta is still attached to her womb, wrapped in a shuka.

The woman who shared the video claims the incident happened on Sunday night.

The user, who goes by the name Rina Rina on social media, narrated how she and a friend she had accompanied to the facility stumbled upon the mother in distress.

According to her account, the pregnant woman, who had broken water and ready to give birth, kept wailing for help but staff member seemed bothered.

It is then, she says, that she and an unidentified man stepped in to help the mother safely deliver her baby.


She also claims that the hospital staff were rude and indifferent to their pleas for assistance to the woman.

In the video, with the placenta not yet cut, the baby is seen being laid on the hospital cold corridor floor.

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital has in the past been plagued by numerous accusations from the public of poor service delivery and the unprofessional reputation of its staff.