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Makongeni land was a gift from Moi, says Aladwa

The land in Makongeni where a building collapsed killing six was a gift from former President Daniel Moi.

George Aladwa who is a former counsellor told NTV that the land was issued to residents in the area in 1997 when President Moi was on a visit to the area.

“When he came to Makongeni, one mzee asked him to give them the land that was idle and they were given,” said Aladwa.

He added that he was the initiator of the project of subdividing the land and issuing it to various residents though the ownership has since changed hands.

Other buildings around the Kaloleni area within the land in question have been marked for demolition after the Nairobi City County taskforce charged with investigating their quality called for investigations.


When the building collapsed, one resident who talked to Nairobi News at the Kenyatta National Hospital said the soil in the area was black cotton but foundations dug during construction were not firm enough.

The owner of the building has to date not been traced and a cellphone number belonging to the caretaker who used to collect monthly rents that was given to Nairobi News by one of the residents has since been unreachable.

Kaloleni Estate Residents Association chairman Ezra Olack last week said the building was not supposed to be built there as it was a wetland and reserved for a playground.

He said residents had written to Nairobi County government on several occasions, saying it stood on a public land.

The official also questioned why the construction was approved since the area on which it stood is a wetland.