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‘Makena’s’ vandalised vehicle excites social media

Pictures of a sleek Mercedes Benz that appears to have been vandalised by a jilted lover has set tongues wagging on social media.

The white vehicle is parked next to an apartment block with the words “Makena Cheater” engraved on its side.

On the bonnet, the vandal, who used black graffiti spray, gets even more creative in the message using the ‘f’ word.

Netizens had their say with the name “Makena” trending on Twitter, even though it was not immediately clear who Makena was and the real story behind the vandalism.

“Hizi Black Movies mnaona zitakuja kuwaingiza Kwa Shida. Sasa Gari ya Makena imefanya nini?” asked Jackson Njeru.

“Malicious damage of property,” said micheal Kiarie.

“Makena wa meru? Atameza mtu,” wrote NeleeKirujah.

“Wah…. what just happened here?” asked Cecilia Mailu.

“Wallahi hio paint job itakula mtu karibu ngiri soo,” commented Mutunga Joe.

“Mmmhh…my Instincts tell me an IRATE FEMALE did this,” stated Mercy Akpa.