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Maid falls off storey building as heartless employer calls her crazy

A video of an Ethiopian maid filmed by her employer as she fell off a storey building has gone viral online.

The woman was filmed in Sabah el-Salem area, Kuwait, calling for help while clinging on a window sill supported by her bust.

In the video, the woman can be seen looking at the person filming who spoke to her in Arabic.

The other woman filming the video tells the maid, “you are crazy, come back in,” without offering a helping hand.

The Ethiopian maid responds while shouting, “hold me, hold me,” before losing grip and falling off.

She then hits the top of a lower building with a thud.

Another video of her being assisted to climb down the lower building in a ladder has emerged indicating that the maid survived the fall.

A statement from Middle East Eye, the Kuwait Society for Human Rights, condemned the incident saying there was “no care for her life” and called for an official investigation.