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Madison Insurance responds to outrage on its misleading billboard outrage

Madison Insurance Company has finally responded to pleas to bring down its misleading billboard that insinuated that there are no female neurosurgeons in the country.

In a statement, the company said the billboard was not meant to demean the achievements of women.

The advert had female models quoted saying; “I want to be the first female neurosurgeon.”

The quote caused an uproar online as medics and activists called for the company to apologise and pull down the advertisement as there are four female neurosurgeons in the country already.


Marketing Manager Patrick Gitonga stated that the advert was a motivation to young people to become the first in their family, community and county.

“Our Madison UniPlan Advert was meant to encourage all young people to pursue their dreams and become the first in their family, community and County. The same was never meant to portray women in a negative light or demean the achievements women have made,” read Mr Gitonga’s statement.

The company added that it believes in the girl child and supports their progress.

“Madison Insurance Company Kenya Limited supports the progress of women and the girl child and believes there is no limit to what women can achieve in life. We applaud the achievements women in all sectors and professions have made so far and we will continue to be a strong advocate for women in Kenya,” stated the company.