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Lupita gets her first negative critic

Being a star is not easy and especially in Hollywood.

Just like there will be millions of fans to obsess over you, critics and haters will also feast on your success, judging your every move.

Lupita Nyong’o has created a buzz with her recent popularity- after her Hollywood debut 12 years a Slave.

The 30-year-old Kenyan actress last week bagged the New Hollywood Award.

As expected, not everyone was happy about her success.

Fred Shamalla Masinde, a doctor of philosophy based in Brooklyn, US, where Lupita also lives, wasn’t pleased with all the fuss made about her.

He accused her of having no IT and not being a talented actress.

“Lupita can continue hanging out with wazungu thinking they love her but the truth is that in big screen, she cannot play any other role but slave-related. Now, here are Africans who are more talented and are trying to make it big in Hollywood. They are doing much better than Lupita and yet not many people know of them.

Let’s not forget Professor Odera Oruka’s son, Owiso Odera, who has been in Hollywood for more than 10 years. So I understand that Miss Malaika Lupita thinks she is the best thing on earth but the truth is the opposite. Trust me there are more talented Africans out there who haven’t made it in Hollywood. Hollywood is a different beast.

“Unfortunately for Lupita, her looks doesn’t help. Hollywood likes Halle Berry looks. At least for women, being charcoal dark doesn’t help. For men, dark is good.

Eddie Murphy opened the doors for the darkest of black men to become super stars. Darkness is sexiness if you are a dude; if you are a lady, Halle Berry is the standard. If we must have a Nyong’o in Hollywood, Issis has IT,” he finished his rant.

Hmmm…a case of sour grapes, perhaps?