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LSK chaos blamed on ‘government forces’

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has sensationally claimed that the chaos that erupted during the body’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday was the work of some ‘forces’ within the Government.

The Society further claims that a budget of Sh 20 million was set aside to facilitate the chaos.

The gathering was marred by incidents of heckling and trading of insults among the members.

A statement by LSK Chairman Eric Mutua implicates Jacqueline Manani, Alex Gatundu, Murigi Kamande, Edwin Sifuna, Wambugu Gitonga, Dorothy Jemator, Aluso Ingati, Kimani Muhoro amongst others as the people responsible for the violent scenes.


“Despite the above attempt, the rowdy members appeared determined not to allow the meeting to proceed in an orderly manner. In order to forestall violence the president adjourned the meeting pursuant to Regulation 39 of the Law Society of Kenya (General) Regulations,” a statement by Mutua reads in part.

“Part of the disorder was exhibited by rowdy political slogans, snatching microphones from the secretariat staff and charged violently towards the podium. At that point it was clear that this was a well-orchestrated move whose sole intention was to derail, disrupt the meeting and cause violence. At that point there was no respect for law and order,” the statement goes further to say.

LSK has since promised to review the video footage of the incident, investigate and formally notify the Police of the unruly behaviour exhibited by the said culprits.