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Loud sounds of love making interrupts tennis match

A professional tennis match was on Tuesday interrupted by loud sounds of love making.

The grunts and groans at a tennis match usually come from the court, not the apartment next door.

Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were in the midst of a Sarasota Open match when the distinctive sounds of a couple enjoying themselves began floating out over the court.

An announcer initially believed the noise came from an adult video on a cell phone, a reasonable enough explanation if the phone was piped through a loudspeaker.


Soon enough, though, the noise became impossible to smile at and ignore. Krueger hit a ball in the direction of the noise. A minute later, Tiafoe even offered up a critique: “It can’t be that good!” drawing more laughter as some from the crowd covered their ears.

Both Tiafoe and Krueger stopped, as the moaning could be heard throughout the James T. Driscoll Stadium.

According to Fernandes, the affair lasted about a minute. Tony Driscoll, the director of the Open, said afterward: “It’s quiet while you’re playing, obviously. You could hear a pin drop and it was, yeah, interesting.”