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Lilian Muli: Why I reunited with my ‘community husband’

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has confirmed getting back together with her ‘community husband’ Jared Nevaton Ombongi barely two months after she dumped him last year.

In an interview with K24, the mother of two boys chose not to discuss the circumstances of her nasty fallout with the businessman.

The TV anchor had previously accused her husband of sleeping around, branding him a community husband. Jared is the father of her second born Liam.

Lilian confirmed in the interview that they have worked out their differences and that they are back together.


“Some of the downside of whatever that we do and how we handle our social media is that you can have a weak moment, you humanly put something out there that you can’t take back and people would jump on that and ride with it.

“Unfortunately I have learnt that not everything comes across as you would want to come across. I made peace with what it is I did,” a regrettable Muli stated.

Lilian has since edited her Instagram bio that now reads ‘Journalist. Wife. Mother’.

Last year on Christmas-eve, Lilian took her followers by surprise when she publicly dumped Jared, terming him a narcissist and a community husband.

She accused him of infidelity stating that she would rather die than to be associated with Ombogi again.

Prior to Ombogi, she was married for seven years to Moses Kanene. They have a son Josh whom they continue to co-parent.