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Likoni Channel now a no-go zone as the military takes over

Likoni Channel is now a no-go zone for the members of the public after the military took over the area on Monday afternoon.

The announcement banning even the members of the media was made by Kenya Ferry Services Chairman Dan Mwazo, who said the area was under the command of the naval and KFS bosses.

“The divers who have been hired by the family from Subsea Company are here. The government has also hired three more divers from South Africa. We have also acquired machines to help in the operations. They team has therefore requested people to vacate this place so that it eases their operation,” Mwazo said.

On Monday morning divers from South Africa, who were hired by the family of 35-year-old Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu, arrived at Likoni Channel and held briefs with Col Lawrence Gituma who is in charge of the operations.

The government also acquired Advanced System Remote Operated Cameras to help in the search mission.

According to Col Gituma, the equipment will help in giving a clear view of what is under the water.


The team has been left with four possible locations to find the sunken vehicle but it will take more time to look into all the four locations.

As of Sunday, the Kenya Ferry Services revealed in their statement that there were already four locations in the channel earmarked for the search.

Kenya Ferry Service boss Bakari Gowa, however, said that the operations were made impossible by the unfriendly terrain and strong ocean currents which can endanger the life of the divers.

“Taking into consideration the realities of underwater characteristics and depths involved, the divers cannot stay submerged for more than six minutes. This implies that exhaustive inspection of these four locations may take longer,” the statement read in part.