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Wonder things reusable carrier bags can do

Kenyans have devised new uses for the reusable carrier bags that were introduced to the market after the ban on plastic bags.

Some hilarious mums are undoing the bottom part of the reusable bags and using them as alternative vests for their boys as they chill at home.

Here are other uses new uses of the carrier bags.

1. As a wash towel
The new bags can be used as a towel in place of the face towels. Soap lathers extremely well on the fabric and the larger sizes can perfectly scrub your back.

2. Shoe shiners
The fabric is great at wiping off dust leaving one’s shoes all shiny. Next time you are in town and shoes get dusty just use the reusable bag to wipe them.

3. Cleaning the kitchen sink
The reusable bags will give your sink a sparkle if you use them to scrub off dirt.

4. Inner sole
Their absorbent material is now benefiting people with sweaty feet as they insert it as an inner sole.

5. Lighting jiko
The bags have perfectly replaced the plastic ones in lighting jikos. With a bit of paraffin they will absorb it and when lit up they take long to burn hence lighting up the charcoal with time.