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Why life is about to become more dramatic for WhatsApp lovers

WhatsApp is about to get more complicated, if the rumours doing the rounds on social media are anything to go by.

Apparently, the instant messaging app is testing a new feature that will show you other contacts of the person you are chatting with.

The rumour was first started by, a tech website, but Facebook, who own WhatsApp are yet to comment on the matter that has left most the app’s users livid.

“WhatApp really? Like blue tick wasn’t enough of snitching now this…savage,” said one user.

The ‘chatting with’ feature will particularly worry cheating spouses and individuals who may not want the world to know they are chatting with certain people.

Last year, WhatApp annoyed many when it introduced the ‘blue tick’ feature which allows a message sender know when the recepient has read the message.

It can, however, be deactivated.

Also, WhatsApp has an annoying ‘last seen’ feature that allows a person to see when their contact last used the app.