Mother and daughter bonding. PHOTO | NATIONMother and daughter bonding. PHOTO | NATION

Today is Mother’s Day, a day set aside for honoring and appreciating all the mother’s in the world for their role in child bearing, giving birth and nurturing us.

It’s also a day for showing love to our mothers for just being who they are – our mothers.

The idea dates back to the 1850s when women in West Virginia, United States, organized into Mother’s Day work clubs that worked to reduce infant mortality and improve sanitary conditions for mothers and families.

Many years later, Mother’s Day is marked worldwide by many people in honour of their mothers.

So, here are a few tips to make this a very special and memorable day for your mother.

1. Breakfast in bed – For teenagers and young adults still leaving at home, making your mom breakfast and serving it in bed would an excellent idea to start off the day.

2. Make it Mom’s Day – Spend the whole day together with her by setting aside all other plans. You could even treat her to a surprise lunch on dinner.

3. Buy her a gift – A memorable Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even a small gift would make such a big difference.

4. Give Mom the day off – This could be the best gift of all. Encourage everyone to chip in with house chores and let mom sit back and relax. She deserves it!

5. Give to others – Mother’s Day is about honoring all mothers. This Mother’s Day you could help a mother in need by donating to organizations that help mothers and children.