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Sorry night owls, here is why you need to stop sleeping late

People who go to bed late and wake up late have higher chances of dying young, a new study has revealed.

The study revealed a 10 per cent higher risk of late sleepers and wakers compared to early birds.

“Research based on 50,000 people in the United Kingdom found they had the higher chance of death over the six-and-a-half year period they were being studied,” an article by Daily Mail read in part.

Previous studies found that staying up late had bad effects on one’s heart and metabolism, but its connection to early deaths was made by this particular study.

“It could be psychological stress, eating at the wrong time for their body, not exercising enough, not sleeping enough, being awake at night by yourself, maybe drug or alcohol use…There are a whole variety of unhealthy behaviours related to being up late in the dark by yourself.

“The researchers asked 433,268 participants, age 38 to 73 years, if they are a ‘definite morning type’ a ‘moderate morning type’ a ‘moderate evening type’ or a ‘definite evening type’…Deaths in the sample were tracked up to six and half years later – and then it was calculated what type of person was most likely to die,” the study reads.

Kristen Knutson, Associate Professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine told Daily Mail, “Night owls trying to live in a morning lark world may have health consequences for their bodies.”