A woman stretching before a work out session at the gym. PHOTO | FILEA woman stretching before a work out session at the gym. PHOTO | FILE

Belly fat is among the most stubborn fats to deal with to obtain that slimmer waistline that most women prefer.

Nairobians are slowly adopting a healthy lifestyle often incorporating simple work outs while chilling in their houses.

Here are some six work outs that will cure all your worries:

1. Crunches

Lie flat and either raise your legs or your upper body to compress the abdominal muscles. Crunches are among the exercises that purely target your mid-section and will work wonders for your waist-line.

2. Planks

Suspend your body using your elbows and legs to feel some pressure in your abdominal area. Stay in that position for minutes and see how the burning effect you feel will greatly improve your waist-line. Ensure your body is in a straight line while in this position to avoid injuries.

3. Bicycle exercises

Try riding an imaginary bicycle while lying down on your back. The movements you make with the legs will help burn the fat around the abdomen and even work out the hip area. Increase the intensity as you progress so as to burn more fat and obtain the best results for your waist to be toned.

4. Twists

Stand upright and do twists from side to side while clutching your abdominal muscles. This especially works out the sides to ensure the belly fat burning is done not only at the front but also in the sides. Try adding some weights as you twist so as to burn more fat.

5. Stomach vacuum

Stand upright and suck in the stomach as much as you can then hold that position for some time. This works to tighten the muscles and obtain a slimmer waist. Once you are able to pull off a long stomach vacuum move now do it while kneeling or lying down for even better results.

Important Note: In case of any pains while performing these work outs consult a physician or gym trainer to avoid injury.