A pregnant woman eating strawberries. FILE PHOTOA pregnant woman eating strawberries. FILE PHOTO

Pregnancy hormones can make a woman cry over the silliest things. Many cannot explain why they behave the way they do during that period but often laugh about it once the nine months are over.

Researchers say that during pregnancy hormone changes can affect brain chemicals and cause depression and anxiety.

That leads to the emotional roller coaster witnessed among pregnant women.

Nairobi mums listed some of the hilarious instances during which they cried while pregnant.

“Hotdogs za naivas supermarket ziliisha while I was at the cashier..I could not even explain to hubby what was up. He thought I was in labour pain 🤣🤣🤣.Wee mimba is something else,” one mum narrated.

“Hubby alikuwa leave nikapata ata hajanioshea vyombo machozi tu ilianza kutoka he washed the utensils na akanipikia hope silii tena hadi mtoi acome almost kudeliver,” another commented.


“He ate my last scoop of ice cream…a game we used to play before I got pg…….I cried mpaka akaenda naivas kuleta container nzima haswa. Haki sijui kauchoyo ka kafood kalitoka wapi ghai,” another mum wrote.

“We usually leave our shoes by the door when coming into the house. He came in from work and stepped on my velvet doll shoes leaving a dusty shoeprint on them. I cried mpaka akashangaa. Then he went and wiped them for me,” another narrated.

“Hubby alichelewesha nyama choma. Nililia hadi nikafura macho. Nilijaribu kumaliza ndio asikule nikashindwa, yenye ilinishinda nikaficha,” another mum commented.

“Hehehe…the day someone in the office ate my avocado and later my chapo. I cried mpaka nikapewa off day. Imagine to date everyone keeps off my food. It was a headquarter issue🤣🤣,” a working mum narrated.

“I saw my hubby hugging another chic on TV (he is an actor) I cried like never before, and it’s not like we were together anyway,” another wrote.

“I asked hubby to bring hotdog from delamere, he bought sijui tuskys! That was devastating aki. Then one day I went to the market and found a vendor eating tumboga tunakaa tutamu na avocado. My friend looked at me with an eye of don’t borrow her food. The moment I got home. Nililia sana juu ya hizo mboga,” another mum narrated.