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No cold weather this year – Met Dept

Nairobians have been warned to brace themselves for warm temperatures from the month of July to Mid-August and not the usual cold weather they have been used to.

Director of Kenya Meteorological Department Bernard Chanzu told Nairobi News that this year, the weather pattern has changed and the months of June, July and August, which are usually the coldest will be characterised by warm, sunny days and cool nights.

However, he says that the city will not fail to experience one or two days of extreme cold temperatures.

“It is unusually warm compared to what is expected this month. What has happened is that we have fluctuations and years to not behave the same. We will have cool temperatures but they will alternate with warm temperatures but on average we will have warmer than usual temperatures,” said Mr Chanzu.

For Nairobi to experience the cold weather, cold winds must come from the South whereby the pressures in the southern hemisphere (when they are experiencing the winter season) is high. The pressure will then become cold air.

Temperatures in the South is pushed through pumping of the high pressures by winds, making the winds to blow from the South to the North.

“But what has happened this year remember even during the long rains, we kept on talking about the warm oceans where we continued to have low pressure. So what happens is that these temperatures in the ocean over the South has continued to be the same they are not as cold as expected they are unusually warm,” explained Mr Chanzu.

Last year the city experienced colder weather in the month of July with temperatures dropping to lows of 16 degrees.