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Guys, here are 10 perfect excuses for not celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is likely to be the most dreaded day by a section of men. This largely because of the cost that comes with making the women in their lives happy.

Women always expect romantic gestures from their partners – gifts, flowers and the sorts – which tends to put pressure on men.

But with Valentine’s being a one-day affair, here are a few  ‘creative’ excuses to slip away from the celebrations.

1. I will be working honey.

2. I do not celebrate Valentine’S because it’s vanity.

3. Babe my ATM card has stuck inside the machine, I have no money.

4. Valentine’s is overrated.

5. Let’s keep our relationship simple.

6. It’s just a day for corporates to make money.

7. I will be travelling for business.

8. We do not need just a day to celebrate our love, we do it every day.

9. Valentine’S will not buy food for our home.

10. I do not even celebrate my birthday.
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