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Guys, eight things you should never ask of your woman

Relationships are about giving and taking. Still, there should be limits in regard to the expectations that you have of your spouse. Here is a look into things that no man should ask of his woman;

1. To change – The worst thing you can do in love is get in a relationship with a particular kind of woman and then turn around and expect her to be something else. This is both unfair and impractical. People can pretend for some time but it is impossible to turn someone from their true nature.

2. To never notice another man – When your woman gets into a relationship with you, she doesn’t become blind. The expectation that some men have of their women that she shouldn’t notice another man once she is in a relationship with him is thus unfair and unrealistic.

3. To give up her passions – Our passions are what make us who we are. Asking someone to give up her passion is like asking her to give up who she is. If you can’t handle her passion, let her be.

4. To always be the bigger person – It is unfair to expect your woman to always be the bigger person in the relationship. To be the one who always maintains her cool during an argument or the one who is mature whenever you are being childish.

5. To be exactly like you – Some men err when they go into relationships expecting their significant other to be their carbon copy. The truth is that no person is exactly the same as the other. Expecting your partner to thus be just like you is unfair.

6. To make everything right in your world – No person has the ability to do this. This is thus an unfair expectation. Take what she can give you but stop expecting her to make everything right.

7. To love you unconditionally – Say what we may about it, the truth is that romantic love is earned. It would thus be very unfair of a man to expect unconditional love from a woman when he hasn’t earned it.

8. That she should always get you – Your woman, no matter how similar she is to you, will never just get you. You will need to continually and effectively communicate both your desires and your needs.