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Guys, eight reasons why your compliments always backfire

One of the shorter ways to a woman’s heart is through giving her compliments, we all know that. What we might not know is that it also matters how you make the compliment. Do it wrong and it will just push the woman further away.

Here are compliment mistakes you might be making.

1. You clean up well – Even if it is true, this is something that a man shouldn’t tell a woman he is inclined towards romantically. What the woman on the receiving end of it hears is that she looks good only some of the time, not all the time.

2. You have a great personality – As much as women want men to admire their brains and personalities, if her personality is the first part of a woman that you compliment, she might take it to mean that you think she is lacking in the looks department.

3. Thinking it will turn her on – This is another mistake that men make with regard to women, thinking that complimenting her is an easy way to get her into bed. Well, it isn’t. It will make her feel good about herself yes but not in a sexual way.

4. Trying too hard – Sometimes a man tries too hard, you know, he bombards a woman with compliments. This doesn’t work. If anything, it will have the opposite effect. You come off as desperate and this is off putting for any woman.

5. You would be prettier if… – Any compliment you will give a woman which begins like this is underhanded and will be received very badly. Just compliment on what you like, not what you think needs to be changed.

6. You look so young! – While it is usually said with the best of intentions, this is a compliment mistake that a lot of men make. When you tell a woman that you are shocked she looks so young, what she hears is you telling her that she is old.

7. Comparison – When you compliment a woman by pitting her against other women, then you are making a mistake. The minute you tell a woman that she is not like other women, you are putting the women in a competition that neither of them agreed to.

8. Talking about her weight – Whether you think that she’s skinny or curvy, keep it out of your compliments. Weight is generally a very sensitive subject for women.