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Watch father ‘saving’ daughter from groom’s raunchiness at wedding party – VIDEO

A hilarious video has emerged online showing the moment a bemused father stepped in to stop a raunchy display by his son-in-law in front of guests during his daughter’s wedding.

The undated video, which has since gone viral, shows the groom in grinding dance moves at the wedding reception with Ginuwine’s song Pony playing in the background.

The groom starts off his dance moves modestly in front of his bride who is seated on a chair facing him in the middle of the room.

But as the music continues, the groom suddenly begins pulling off some really ratchet moves to the wild cheers from the guests in attendance.

At one point, he gets down on his belly and slides beneath the bride’s flowing bridal gown.

It’s at this point that the father-in-law decides that he has seen in enough of the groom’s raunchiness.

He quickly runs to the couple, grabs the groom by his legs and pulls him away from his daughter.

Some guests however seem not too amused by the father-in-law’s intervention and they attempt to jokingly restrain him stopping the raunchy act.