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Drama as ‘mama pima’ strips naked at city hospital to evade arrest

There was drama at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital on Tuesday afternoon after a woman being sought by the police stripped naked in order to evade arrest.

The woman who is a known chang’aa brewer in Kayole, has been on the police radar since Sunday when police officers raided her chang’aa den.


The woman had gone to the hospital to visit her three customers, who sustained gunshot wounds during a confrontation with police on Saturday.

Eye witnesses described how when the woman noticed that she was being followed by police, removed all her clothes, including her underwear, and began screaming, saying she was being unfairly targeted.

The nude woman then entered the hospital and hid there as officers who were trailing her parked outside the hospital and waited in vain for her to come out.

One of the women whom the naked woman had joined later handed a shawl to the livid suspect.

Police eventually apprehended her before bundling her into a waiting police van, and taking her to Soweto police post, where she is being detained.

Police had on Saturday afternoon raided her chang’aa den located in Soweto which sparked protests leading to the shooting of three people.


The residents were protesting the allegedly stabbing of one of them by the police who had raided the den.

The three are alleged to have pelted police officers with stones during the crackdown in the area.

The trio will be arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts on Wednesday, November 6.

In September, a demand for a routine Sh50 bribe by police officers on patrol at a chang’aa den in a slum at Kahawa West, Nairobi, turned tragic after a two-year-old boy was shot at close range under unclear circumstances.

Police initially said that officers had been dispatched to Soweto slum to arrest chang’aa dealers when a confrontation ensued, leading to the accidental shooting of the child, claims the residents denied.