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Dancing pallbearers divide opinion on social media – VIDEO

A viral video of dancing pallbearers has divided netzens, kick starting a debate on the extent people should go while celebrating the life of a loved one.

In the video that was shot at a Ghanaian burial, the pallbearers perform a well-choreographed dance with the deceased’s coffin resting on their shoulders.

They even pull off some “chini kwa chini” moves to the amusement of mourners who often cheer them on.

All this time, the sharply dressed pallbearers dance to tunes that are played by a band.

At some point in the dance they sit down with the coffin still resting on their shoulders and lie down flat placing it on their chests.

Their performance they say differs from one family to the other as the founder Benjamin told BBC, “If a client comes to our premises we just ask them do you want it solemn or do you want a small choreograph to it.”

A family member who was interviewed said, “I decided to give my mother a dancing trip to her maker.”

The video elicited mixed reactions online with some users terming is as disturbing the peace of the dead person while others said it was a good way to celebrate a life well lived.