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17-year-old Kibera boy allegedly impregnates three teenage girls – VIDEO

You would expect that at 17, one would be concentrating on school work. This is however seems not to be the case for one teenager who has allegedly impregnated three girls in Nairobi’s Kibera slums.

In an interview with NTV, two of the three girls have come out to narrate how they became pregnant after being sexually involved with the said teenage boy.

Worse, they say, the boy when confronted with the consequence of his sexual escapades has refused to take responsibility for their pregnancies.

One of the girls, who is 15 years, says she is six months pregnant while her friend is three months pregnant. She blames the said boy for both pregnancies.

“We met after we went for a photo shoot and within 90 days I found out I was pregnant. But when I told him I was carrying his child, he denied it,” she says.


The second pregnant girl says the boy bought her some gifts to entice her into a sexual relationship.

“I would later find out that I was pregnant and when I confronted him, he denied it,” she says.

One of the pregnant girls’ mother, after discovering her daughter’s pregnancy, reported the matter to the police and got the boy arrested.

He was reportedly locked up for a month at Langata Police Station before his parents eventually secured his release, one of the girls claims.

These revelations have come in the wake of the Court of Appeal’s proposal to have the sex consent age lowered from the current 18 years to 16 years.

In their proposal, three appellate judges – Roselyn Nambuye, Daniel Musinga and Patrick Kiage – also called for a candid national discussion on this matter, pointing out that there is need to amend the Sexual Offences Act because some sections can lead to injustice contrary to the noble intentions of the law.