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Let us protect our women against violence

That 680 women were subjected to violence in five months is shocking.

Between January and May these women were subjected to various forms of violence in their homes and estates.

What is the County Government doing about this?

According to the figures released by Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Kawangware is the most unsafe place for our women, followed by Kibera, Rongai, Kayole and Githurai in that order.


Even more shocking is the fact that only four per cent of the victims opted to pursue legal redress against their attackers.

In order to effectively fight all forms of gender based violence, from rape to sodomy and physical violence, we must first establish and deal with its root causes.

The two main reasons why such violence has gone on unchecked is due to the stigma associated with it. Victims would sooner suffer in silence than go public due for fear of stigmatisation.

The second reason is the high threshold of proof required to sustain a sexual abuse case in a court of law.

Many victims do not know that they must not do anything that may interfere with evidence of sexual abuse such as taking a bath or changing clothes.

Both the police and legal bodies must help in creating awareness on how to handle gender violence.

Women are at the centre of this and they need to be bolder so that it can be stopped. If they become cowed and do not report the vice it will go on unabated.


Men too are affected as these are their sisters, mothers or relatives and friends.

It is regrettable that less than five per cent of the cases are reported. The time for action is now.

The governor must address the issue; police must act on the issue; we all must play our part to end this violence.

It should be noted though, that the fight against such violence will not be won unless authorities fight drug and alcohol abuse.

Another factor which has contributed to the rise in cases of sexual abuse is the mushrooming of dens showing pornography, especially in Nairobi slums.

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