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Lenana wants to play the bad guy

You being an actor, was it by chance or did you want it?

It was definitely by chance. I never dreamt that I would one day be on TV. I am a very shy person.

I know this story might sound like a cliché, but it so happened that I took a friend to audition at the Kenya National Theatre and she convinced me to try out.

The directors ended up liking me and, as they say, the rest is history.

 In another interview you were asked what kind of women you preferred and you gave examples of radio personalities Kalekye Mumo and Sheila Mwanyigha. Is this true, or you did you just give the answer because you were under pressure?

Yes, that was, and still is, very true. I appreciate the African woman’s physique; everyone has their preferences and that happens to be mine.

Regarding the rumour that went around after that comment — that I was in love with Kalekye Mumo — that is absolutely not true.

We all found out recently that rapper Bamzigi is your brother. How did it affect you or your career when it became public knowledge that he was a drug addict?

It was a very hard time for me and my family, but I can say I was lucky because at that time no one knew that he was my brother.

They found out later when, he was already clean. Before he came out about his addiction, he asked us as his family if it was okay for him to go public.

I think this is the reason my mother is now over protective of me: I am still living under her roof. Bamzigi’s drug problem happened so fast that she felt she was losing control.

Are you single or dating?

I am currently single, and I have decided to take a break on relationships to concentrate on me. I have had my share of girlfriends and although the relationships did not work out, I have learnt a lot from them.

The hardest part of my career is having to deal with all the girls who come after me.

What many people don’t know is that I am shy in the midst of the girls and sometimes I do not know what to say. Thank God they do most of the talking.

You acted some very hot scenes with Lizz Njaga in the recent  movie House of Lungula. How did you pull it off in the presence of her husband, the producer?

The only thing that was awkward was Alex, her husband, being present while we were doing the scenes, but he actually took me aside and explained that this was work and I should do it like he was not there.

Besides, I have done several intimate scenes in other television programmes.

Apart from being portrayed as the hunk or the playboy in different movies, what other role would you like to play?

I have always dreamt of being the bad guy who wants to destroy the world and then a hero comes and saves the day.

I think directors need to push me further and let me explore other characters. I care about being the best in what I do and not just a hunk. I would really love to learn from  acting different roles.