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Lawyer sues over houses

A court has ordered the Director of City Planning to issue a lawyer and a surveyor documents they require in relation to compliance with planning laws.

Justice David Majanja said the court would take action if the order was not complied with by Friday.

Lawyer Suboth Inamdar and Paul Ngotho are questioning the emergence of low class apartments in the leafy Upper Parklands.

They have sued the county government for approving the development of three blocks of apartments, two of which will be nine-storeyed and the other five storeys high.

They argued that such developments went against the county by-laws which prohibited any development of flats and apartments and restricted development to maisonettes and town houses in the area.

They were seeking to be supplied with a report showing that the buildings comply with existing planning laws including the Physical Planning Act, Environment Management and Coordination Act, Town Planning Act and County government regulations.

They also wanted to be given an opportunity to inspect any approvals or plans for the developments.

The two had told court that they would be adversely affected by the development since they wanted to preserve the character of their neighbourhood.

Phillip Muyanga, NairobiNews
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