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Lawyer: My case for Jesus at The Hague is ready

City lawyer Dola Indidis, who took up a case to seek justice for Jesus Christ, has been busy lately. He receives about 200 emails daily from all over the world.

The case has been filed at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague and it seeks orders that the judgment passed by Pontius Pilate be declared null. Mr Indidis does not, however, seek monetary compensation for Christ.

“I have been given new ideas which I will also use,” he says.

Many lawyers and scholars have been researching on the topic and will form a unified front with Mr Indidis before the judges.

Mr Indidis says many of those sending him e-mails are optimistic the outcome will result in justice for Christ whose death left the impression that he died a criminal.

According to the lawyer, the judge had pronounced the innocence of the accused person when he said, “I cannot see anything wrong with this man,” and the only option available to the court was to acquit Christ.

“The judge was in breach of conduct when he decided to consult the accusers and ask them what they wanted him to do with Jesus. It was a mockery of justice to allow the mob to take over proceedings of the case,” says Mr  Indidis.

And he adds that the judge had no jurisdiction to determine the case and he confessed so when he told the accusers to take Christ to Galilee because it was not his matter.

The lawyer says he should not have determined the case when they brought Jesus back to him.

“Jesus Christ was not given an opportunity to defend himself against the all the accusations levelled at him. There was no fair trial,” Mr Indidis says.

“I hold that the trial was not fair. Saying ‘you have said so’, when asked if he was the King of the Jews was not equal to a plea of guilty,” the lawyer insists.

Mr Indidis says he has conducted a 10-year research on events leading to the death of Christ and he wants to use the knowledge gathered to enable him develop a case with high probability of success. He also wants the case concluded within his lifetime.

On the question that Christ was destined to die the way he did because it had been prophesied, he has an answer.

“If a seer or witchdoctor prophesises that a child will die through a road accident and the prophesy comes to pass, the driver will still be arraigned. You don’t allow an illegality because it was prophesied,” he says.