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Lady Jay Dee ditches Alikiba’s recording label

Veteran bongo flava musician Lady Jay Dee has ditched Alikiba’s recording label Rockstar 4000 Music Entertainment, just two months after another top artiste Baraka Da Prince left the stable.

After working under Rockstar 4000 Management for six years, Alikiba, the ‘Seduce Me’ hit maker, was in July confirmed as one of the co-owners of the label.

The management also appointed him as the director of music and talents, meaning he was in charge of supervision of all artistes signed under the Rockstar label.

His appointment to the position in the label seemed not to have gone down so well with a few artistes, with Baraka Da Prince, who was once his close ally, becoming the first to exit.

A close source to the ‘Siku Hazigandi’ composer has confirmed that Lady Jay Dee who sometime back collaborated on a hit song with Alikiba ‘Single Boy/Gal’ has indeed left the recording label.


It is understood that Lady Jay Dee left due to contractual issues.

Nafikiria kaamua tu kuacha kufanya kazi na Seven, wewe mwenyewe unaona wasanii wote wa Rockstar au hata wa WCB au artist yoyote anaposaini contract huwa anaonyesha kwenye media. Kwa Jaydee hiko kilikuwa hakijafanyika, ni kwamba walikuwa wanafanya kazi tu yeye na Seven. Pia ilikuwa in process kwamba wanapimana kuwa baadaye Jaydee ataingia kwenye Rockstar lakini nafikiria haikufikia muafaka wa yeye kuingia may be. Nasema may be inaweza ikawa hawakufikia malengo ya pamoja kwamba artist anakuwa na malengo yake kwa meneja lakini hakufikisha au msanii hakufikisha malengo ya meneja ambayo alikuwa anayafikiria, hizo ni issue zote zinazowezekana,” the source said.

Interestingly, it is the same issues that Baraka raised when he ditched the label stating that he felt some things were not in order in the contract that Rockstar presented to him.