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Ladies, here are signs that he won’t propose next year

Most women of ‘marriageable age’ have a New Year resolution to get their boos to propose.

The best thing that can ever happen is for a woman to be able to read the signs and run away from a man who has no plans of putting a ring on it.

Here are the signs.

1. He never offered to take you home
It is during this festive season that most people spend time at their parents’ home. If that guy didn’t invite you to visit his home, then he’s probably not that into marrying you. Take the cue and plan your life.

2. He makes excuses not to call you
You see, there’s a common misconception that people become unreachable on phone when they retreat for the holidays. If your guy is making flat battery or connection excuses not to keep in touch, he’s probably spending time with the person he plans to marry.

3. He doesn’t mention who he’s with
When you are on phone and you never get to hear ‘Oh Babe, so and so says hi’ there is your million dollar cue. It is either the people in his life have no idea you exist or that there is no future for you.

If a guy has plans to propose, trust me everyone in his life will know the girl in his life. And if for whatever reason you can’t meet up, he will offer to connect you on phone.

4. He doesn’t seem bothered
For a guy with plans to put a ring on it, he wants to have an idea of how your day is planned out. If he doesn’t even ask what you are up to during this festive season, girl…pack up and find yourself a man who cares about you.

5. He has not hinted
Trust me, no man just wakes up and commits. It’s a decision that is often well thought and since they do not want to be turned down, most hint by suggesting you move in or even asking what you think about settling down with him.

If the guy has not given a simple clue of wanting to be with you for the rest of his life, do not expect a proposal.