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Ladies, eight tips to attract true love in 2016


You may not have been among those who finally found love last year. The good news is that the New Year is a promise of good things like love. Here’s a look into tried and tested tips that will send true love your way this year;

1. Look your best – The fact that men, the Nairobi man especially, are visual creatures is undeniable. It thus goes without saying that you need to pay attention to the outside. Think up the man of your dreams. Then think of the kind of woman he would love. Do you carry yourself like she would?

2. Envision the relationship you want – You will not meet the man of your dreams until you are sure of what it is you want. This is as simple as writing down a list. What is it that you need from a relationship? Romance? Financial security? Strong family ties? Is it those strong broad shoulders? Use past failed relationships to put together this list.

3. Soften your body language – Your body language speaks for you more loudly than your words. The next time you are out and about, observe your body language. Are you always hunched over? Do you ever smile? Are your shoulders tensed and your hands clasped? Such body language screams that you are unapproachable. Smile, lean back in your seat and embrace your femininity.

4. Believe in relationships – If you are one of those women who is always complaining about how there aren’t any good men left in this town, then you are unlikely to find true love. You need to be open to and to believe in the idea of true love being possible before it can happen to you.

5. Heal your fear of rejection – Not everyone you show romantic interest in will like you back. And that’s okay. The sooner you understand and accept this, the sooner you will resolve to keep trying.

6.Learn to be happy alone – Look at it this way, if you can’t stand to be by yourself on those Nairobi Friday nights, what makes you think that someone else will enjoy your company? Learn to be happy alone. Once you have achieved this, it radiates. When you truly love yourself, then you will be coming from a place of want, not need.

7. Be your best self – By this, I mean you improve yourself to be the best that you can be. Do not restrain who you are because you are afraid he won’t like you. Do not change who you are either. Do not go bleaching your skin because you heard men prefer lighter skin.

8. Don’t put your life on hold – As much as you are dying to meet that special person, do not put your life on hold for love. Live your best life today. People who have found love will tell you that love happened when they were busy living and doing other things.