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Ladies, eight most thoughtful ways to show him love this Valentine’s Day

As the women get showered with gifts and flowers this Valentine’s Day, we shouldn’t forget our male folk. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about you ladies, it is also about him. Here are things you could do that will leave him feeling utterly loved on Valentine’s Day;

1. Woo him – Wooing is usually a man’s forte. He is the one that chases you, compliments you, and does all those small thoughtful acts for you. How about returning the favour this Valentine’s Day? Compliment him, listen to him and be affectionate.

2. Give him your undivided attention – Technology has now taken over face to face interactions. Now, even time spent with your significant other is interrupted by ringing and beeps. Make a commitment to give your man undivided attention on this day. Ban technology from your lives for just 24 hours and see how much good it does your relationship.

3. Submit to him – Yes, the 21st century man loves a woman who will stand up for her own. But he also loves a woman who will indulge his needs and desires every so often. Be this woman for him this Valentine’s Day.

4. Be excited with his plans – If your man took the initiative to plan something for the both of you this Valentine’s Day, show open appreciation for it. It doesn’t matter that he booked the weekend in a place that you have been to before, what matters is the thoughts behind it. Hug him and tell him that you appreciate it. This is probably all he hoped for when he made those plans.

5. Wear his favorite outfit – True, maybe he fell in love with you because of your brains. Still, we can’t deny the fact that men are visual creatures. Spend Valentine’s Day in that dress that he loves. So much. If he loves you in your birthday suit, indulge him.

6. Surprise him – Gifts and acts of love are best enjoyed when unexpected. Let him wake up to the aroma of his favorite breakfast foods. Get him a gift. If you can afford it, whisk him out of town to a romantic location and shower him with love. He will appreciate you for it.

7. Pay for something – It isn’t the amount of money that you spend, it is the act of paying. This usually communicates commitment to a man. This Valentine’s Day, pay for something. Anything. Even if it is just the juice.

8. Know his family and friends – If your relationship is still in its formative stages, you can show your man love this Valentine’s day by taking the initiative to know his family and friends. Do it even if this means getting a little out of your comfort zone. But of course do not make this a surprise. Talk to him about it.