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Ladies, eight fears that are keeping you from true love

The reason you haven’t yet found true love could be you. Yes, your fears could be holding you back from an utterly fulfilling relationship experience. Here’s a look at some of the fears that could be standing in between you and that happy ever after you have been dreaming about;

1. Fear of losing yourself – It is understandable. If you are like most Nairobi women, then you have worked hard to build a life for yourself in this very competitive city. You have a good job and a tight circle of friends. Being in a relationship might seem like a threat to all these leading a woman to subconsciously sabotage her relationships.

2. Fear of the societal roles – These are very tricky times for a woman in Nairobi. She is expected to work and still embrace the societal gender roles. Some women see getting into relationships as giving up their power or as betraying feminism.

3. Your body image – With the media giving us all these images of what perfection looks like, a lot of women are struggling with their bodies. A lot fear that they are not good enough. What they do not know is men don’t pay attention to your body problem areas until you begin obsessing over them.

4. Fear of compromise – Sacrifice and compromise are two necessary components of any successful relationship. Some women are afraid of compromising with the fear that they will be selling themselves short. These fears are unfounded. Unless you are the only one bending over backwards to make a relationship work, compromise is necessary and healthy.

5. Fear that someone better will come along – Women, especially those with perfection tendencies hold back on love because of the fear that once they have committed to one man, someone better will come along and make them regret it. The truth however is there is no perfect partner. Even the seemingly perfect one will have weaknesses.

6. The fear of abandonment – Falling in love with another human being is opening yourself up to heart break and betrayal. True, the people that we love deepest are the ones that hurt us the most. The other truth however is that you will not find true love unless you take this risk.

7. Shyness – The answer to why you are still single could simply be that you are uncomfortable around other people. Shyness usually shows and for someone who is looking for love, it is not attractive. The good news though is that with some conscious effort, it can be fought.

8. Fear of family getting in the way – The average career woman in Nairobi worries that being in a relationship and starting a family will get in the way of her career and life goals. As a result, some women opt to remain single. The truth however is that it is possible for a woman to have it all.