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Ladies, careful before you go for bum enhancers

The craze for bigger bums among women in Nairobi is on ascendance and experts are warning of dire consequences especially for those considering using silicone injections.

The injections are made using biopolymer silicone which is injected freely into the body.

Injections are popular because they are cheaper than implants and take a shorter time to administer into the body. The alternative is where silicone gel contained within a shell is implanted into the body.

According to cosmetic surgeons, liquid silicone can migrate beyond the targeted parts of the body because its has no barriers to hold it in a fixed position. 

A user can wake up one day to find a bump the size of a football in her lower back.

The injections can further lead to deformity of the bums and necessitate the removal of the affected tissues.

Few specialists are trained on removing the tissues affected by the injections and this has led to deaths.

“The body can also react immunologically against a foreign material and cause problems,” says Dr Daniel Slobodianik.

Patients can suffer from allergic reactions and chronic fatigue for many years before realising the effects.