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KQ spreads its wings to CBD’s Tea room

Kenya Airways has opened a retail shop in Nairobi’s downtown Tearoom area in a bid to tap into the potential of small and medium scale traders.

The new shop is expected to ease access on sales and ticketing services, address customer inquiries and sales of KQ Holiday packages to the thousands of small to medium scale traders who rely on the Middle East and Asian to feed the regional market.

Kenya Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mbuvi Ngunze said the airline’s commitment to reach out to its guest’s level conveniently by spreading its tentacles to all market segments.

“Tearoom is a prime location, accessible and a central point for a large number of small-scale entrepreneurs in town. This shop will therefore offer opportunities to traders for direct interaction with our staff and this will enable provision of tailored made services to this market segment,” Mbuvi said during the opening ceremony.


The shop targets traders from Kamukunji, Ngara and the general town centre who deal with household items, stationery, car accessories and mobile phones sourced from Middle East, Asia and Far East which form the destinations of choice for small-scale entrepreneurs in Nairobi.

Mbuvi added that the new shop underlines the importance of engaging with customers on a daily basis and that the outlet makes perfect business sense for Kenya Airways and its entrepreneur passenger.

“The expansion of our sales shop network is a major component of our ongoing initiatives to reach out to our customers, improve their experience as well as grow our revenue,” he added.

Kenya Airways will be flying the state-of-the-art Dreamliners in addition to offering competitive prices, baggage allowances of up to 50ks, direct flights for traders to Dubai, Bangkok, Guangzhou and reliable, convenient connections beyond and across Asia and Far East

The downtown shop is the seventh for Kenya Airways, spread across major towns in Kenya in a quest to take services closer to its clientele.