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KQ explains why you can’t change seats freely in half-empty flights

Kenya Airways has explained why passengers are not allowed to change seats at will in half-empty flights.

The airline was tasked by a British passenger who had flown to London in a half-empty plane but his colleagues were denied permission to move seats.

Kevin Marsh wrote on Twitter how his colleagues will be flying British Airways next time.

“I’ve always flown @KenyaAirways through thick and thin…but they are going down tubes. Today London flight half empty but colleagues who wanted to move to empty seats stopped from doing it…no reason…they will be going BA next time,” he tweeted.

Kenya Airways explained to Kevin why they do not allow passengers to change seats, citing balance and the centre of gravity.

“Hi, seat allocation for a flight that is not full is done in such a way to balance the aircraft in flight. The center of gravity has to be kept at all times for the safety of all on board,” wrote the airline.

Users did not however buy the airline’s explanation, questioning why upon paying before boarding one is allowed to change seats.

Matilu Mwau wrote; “2 hours ago they tried to squeeze some dollars from me for changing seats. How is that even possible?”

A user, Martin Dominik rubbished the balancing explanation given.

“This is an issue on flights with a low load for take-off (sometimes sections get blocked off), but after having reached cruising altitude, you should be able to move.”