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KQ apologises to Kenyan passengers left stranded at Amsterdam airport

National carrier Kenya Airways on Monday apologised to Kenyan passengers who were left stranded in Amsterdam after their flight was diverted due to bad weather.

The KQ flight to Paris was on Saturday diverted to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol due to poor weather in Europe and Middle East.

Heavy fog has blanketed parts of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, frustrating traffic at key airports in those countries..

KQ been faulted for abandoning 12 Kenyan passengers on the flight to find their own accommodation in the Dutch capital which was not their destination.



One of the affected passengers, who posted her frustrations on Facebook, on Tuesday said she was happy that the airline’s management had reached out and talked to them after her story was published on Nairobi News.

“I particularly want to take this opportunity to commend Chris Diaz, the Marketing Director at Kenya Airways and who was away at the time of the incident for taking up this matter and calling me personally to apologise and wishing me the best,” she said.

She added that all aggrieved should accept the apology.

“To Kenya Airways, apologies accepted but we demand for change.”


The airline on Monday sent a statement to Nairobi News explaining the situation: ” We did have a few guests in the situation when the flight was diverted and could not gain entry. Unfortunately airlines have no jurisdiction at passport control or immigration. We are in contact with the guests in the said case and are working to reduce the inconvenience for them. We apologize to our guests who are caught up in the delays/diversions caused by the weather situation in Europe.”