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KOT supports Togo’s Adebayor over family feud

Kenyans on Twitter were not left out in sending support messages to Togolese Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor who revealed his troubled family life on social media.

The Tottenham Hotspur forward wrote an emotional post on his Facebook page of how he supported his family financially yet they remain hostile to him.

He narrated how at 17 years after earning his first salary he built a home for his mother and helped her start a cookie business.

“Today I am still alive and they have already shared all my goods, just in case I die,” stated the footballer.

In his emotional post Adebayor described how he helped his late brother Peter and even gave some money for his hospital bill to their mother despite her not allowing him to see his ailing brother.

Later on his other brother Kola, who lives in Germany with all expenses including his children fees being paid by Adebayor, claimed that he was responsible for Peter’s death.


Kenyans who weighed in on the matter compared it to the former politician Gerishon Kirima’s family drama.

@njiiru tweeted, “Kirima & Njenga Karume families are going through what Adebayor is undergoing, African families can’t be helped.”

@Karanimutonga tweeted, “That Adebayor’s story is sad. Unfortunately that’s the story of African child. Parents think they’re entitled to their children’s wealth.”

@Mizmuli tweeted, “Read that #Adebayor story. Sadness. And his story is replicated across Africa in many other families.”

@xtiandela tweeted, “I feel Adebayor, at times it’s better to distance yourself from family. At times blood is not as thick as we think.”

The football star on Monday shared a photo of him with Chelsea’s Didier Drogba stating that the Ivory Coast player advised him to tell his brothers and sister to get jobs and fend for themselves.