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KOT get excited about Valentine’s Day

It’s official -the creative mojo of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) is back! Tweeters used the hashtag #AWeekBeforeValentines to make fun of the lovers’ day, which is marked every February 14.

With just nine days left to Valentine, the hashtag has already risen to the second trending topic in Kenya.

Kenyans used memes, tweets and vines to share fun-filled gibes that may spoil the day; from being broke, to being dumped and being cheated on.

Here are a few tweets and memes by Kenyans:

Kevthephotographer: “Your saving for valentines na ujalipa rent #AWeekBeforeValentines.”

Kelvin Cayman tweeted: “#AWeekBeforeValentines, broke! then someone, “Akh nimekumis c tumeet next weekend….pliiiz..”. All you say “Naenda mazishi ya ng’ombe yetu.”