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Do you know this paedophile? You could save a poor child!

A sick Kenyan man on Thursday night angered social media users when posted disturbing pictures of his infant daughter on Facebook.

The man going by the name Mustafa Hussein posted a series of nude images of the toddler who appeared to be in distress.

He also made disturbing captions over her private parts.


Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook outed the paedophile asking authorities to arrest him.

Many also queried the whereabouts of the poor child’s mother.

Sammy Ondimu Ngare said: “You belong to our cells stupid Idiot..apart from being a cop im a dad and what you did ni must pay for it. Ushikwe upelekwe uangaliwe kichwa if iko sawa then ufungwe..bure shenji kabisa.”

Waithira Mary added: “Where is the mother of these innocent kid,,,I guess every parent could wrestle the devil to save her/his child and these dickhead is juz exposing his own…that kid is better in care centre than with her parents.”

Maureen Kiarie said: “Someone please confirm if he’s been arrested!! He shouldn’t spend another minute near that child or any other child for that matter!!!!”

Maggie Cyrus charged: “No ata don’t arrest him… Show us where he is n we will sort out the matter as a mob.”

Mumbi Gitau went on: “Your second born????? I just pity the mother, your Sisters kids, your neighbors kids and any other girl child around you… Wewe ni pepo,the he devil who should rot in jail.”


Annie Kisia said: “We are coming for you, if the police can’t arrest you we will castrate you with our bare hand, infant you deserve to die, shameless maggot.”


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The man, who appears to be in the matatu industry going by the images on his Facebook timeline, has yet to be arrested.

He later claimed to apoligise but people would none of it.


Both the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and the National Police Service are yet to respond to the calls.

Do you know the man? Ring us on the number below or get in touch with the nearest police station.