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Kipchumba Murkomen showcases cooking skills – VIDEO

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen on Thursday excited social media when he shared a video of himself cooking brown ugali in the village.

Murkomen tweeted the video showcasing his culinary skills where he prepared ugali made mostly from millet, maize and cassava flour.

In the video, Murkomen is seen seated inside a dilapidated kitchen, kneading ugali on a three-stone jiko.

“Back to my roots. Showing the kids how to knit and knead black golden ugali. Alafu harers waongee mbaya (Let my critics talk),” Murkomen stated.

The senator went to tell his fans how the meal, comprising of millet, maize and cassava flour, is prepared.

“At this stage, you lower the heat by removing the firewood and allow the ugali to cook slowly as you turn it from time to time.

Kenyans were impressed by his cooking skills, especially brown ugali, which, according to many, requires a specialized skill.

“I like that mheshimiwa. I am also in Kisii doing brown ugali almost every evening. I just like it,” David Ogwagwa commented.

@DanKurgat tweeted, “Great kipchumba. It’s cool to keep low profile pale village. You just showed your kids and family wewe ni kipchumba and not the Senate Majority Leader.”

“That was exceptional… But you only cooked the top part of your Ugali, your cooking stick wasn’t reaching the bottom of the pot!” posted @Kiplimo_Abu.

“Yes …thats good of you and especially showing your boy how things were done during those days,” commented @KalaleSteve.

“This is inspiring. Remembering what you have been doing decades back is the best thing to show pple.Kudos mhesh ,” said @BarongoBenard.

@kipmurkomen added, “Hahaha thats a good one muheshimiwa. A humble backvround indeed. It shows humbleness.”