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Kim Kardashian reveals which part of her body she ‘hates’ most

American socialite Kim Kardashian, wants her million fans all over the world to know how much she hates the one thing that made her popular; her well rounded butt.

Kim, who is married to rapper Kanye West, recently made the revelation in an episode of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show.

Kim seemed to stun even her own family with her sentiments.

Her elder sister Kourtney teased her about the size of her booty.

“Kim when you sit down your butt looks so huge,” Kourtney remarked.

Even though it was meant to be a joke, Kim wasn’t quite happy with the remarks.


Their mother Kris Jenner jumps into by telling Kourtney that her comment “wasn’t nice.”

Kourtney, who assumed like most of their audience that Kim is fond of her booty, was then forced to explain her point.

“She likes having a big butt, I’m not saying anything offensive,” she said.

It’s at this point that Kim actually opened up on how much she hates a her bum.

“No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily.

Kim’s fame has got a lot to do with her well curved derriere, which makes her claims to dislike them now all the more mind-boggling.

This is regardless to all her butt flaunting feed on her Instagram account which has more than 117 million followers.